Buckle Your Seat Belt!

Buckle Your Seatbelt!

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog!  I love sharing with you the rewards and challenges of taking care of an aging parent or loved one.  Although there are tons of information on caregiving, I will primarily share personal experiences and solutions that have been effective for me. As The Caregiving Doctor, I know that the more resources, support, and information you have, the better care you can provide.

I hold over 35 years now in family and professional caregiving, which means, I continue to learn every day.  I would love to hear from you as I continue to grow with you. It is my calling by God to help you, help yourself, and those you love.  Sharing of information is power, as I believe we are obligated to the very best for our aging parents and those.

I want you to follow me on facebook, watch my television episodes, and plan to be a guest soon!  Talk with you soon!


Clarissa 😉