Our mission is to impact the lives of caregiving families. Our job is to ensure that you are caring for yourself body, soul, and spirit, in order to care for others.

There are more than 65 million of us and growing. We have limited help, support, and resources and most of us are running on fumes! As The Caregiving Doctor, all I ask for you to do is TO DO your best to care without killing yourself.


We will equip you with the necessary guidance, coaching, and tools to enhance your care abilities with your loved ones. The Caregiving Doctor, Clarissa Fells Smith, has spent over 40 years working with caregiving families and their loved ones. Be prepared to go on this journey.


We will be providing education, consultation, and the necessary tools to care for yourself and those you love. Education in family caregiving is an ongoing process. Spreading information about caregiving problems and solutions will help to improve the daily lives of caregiving families. By educating the public about caregiving challenges, this will increase awareness of why we need more support, resources, and training.


There will be plenty of adversity and hills to climb. That’s why it is crucial that we encourage and uplift one another as fellow caregivers. Finding empowerment is a key step to being a successful caregiver. I am personally empowering you to keep your family members at home if at all possible.

The Caregiving Doctor

A Family Caregiving Expert & Coach, Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Licensed Occupational Therapist, Author, Radio & Television Talk Show Host

Clarissa has been on the frontlines of family caregiving for decades. It’s her life’s work and passion, helping caregiving families. The Caregiving Doctor Show has produced multiple seasons of shows and continues to be a leader in solving family caregiving challenges today.

Clarissa Fells Smith

Clarissa Fells Smith




The Caregiving Doctor Show has produced over four seasons of television content. Stay tuned in…..


The Caregiving Doctor can be heard on her radio show on Heaven 610 WAGG FM/AM on Saturdays at 7PM. You may listen online here:

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What others are saying about
The Caregiving Doctor

She is very informed and experienced on the topic. Helped me a lot with my own sick mother-in-law.

– Julie, Memphis, Tennessee

I recommend anybody who is having caregiving issues to listen and watch her show.

– Jonathan B, Biloxi, MS.

The Caregiving Doctor is deeply passionate about this topic. I love that about her.

– Pastor Brown, West End Hills Missionary Baptist Church, Birmingham

She is a leader in caregiving for families today. I will continue to follow her on social media too!

– Sandra R, Designers Closet

Her expertise is unmatched. When she told me what to do about keeping mom at home, I was shocked.

– Jody J, RN

Because of her, I kept dad at home. We renovated the house. Thanks Dr. Smith!

– Patrice, Occupational Therapist

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