Family members are top of the line scamming their own relatives! Remember these 10 things to be alert for scam prevention:

1. As a family caregiver, you usually have access to your loved one's personal information, so handle it with care. Beware of greedy, sneaky, family members!

2. You should never share personal information with other people or relatives.

3. If you are the power of attorney for your loved ones, be sure to keep confidential records and documents in a safe place.

4. It is a good idea to place important valuables in a fire-retardant box under lock and key.

5. Frauds and financial exploitation of your loved ones are punishable under law.

6. Be aware that paid family members and caregivers have to be monitored.

7. Everyone needs someone to keep him or her accountable.

8. It is better to stay in close contact with your care receiver or aging parent in order to communicate.

9. Legitimate bill paying and multiple telephone interactions should be monitored for people with dementia, memory loss or mental illness.

10. The law enforcement department needs to be notified right away for all suspected scams and frauds.

Protect yourself. Keep a record book of your loved one's care and who visits the home. Check all references for home services and repairs. Get at least three references. This applies to family members as well!