Nursing Homes Concerns

What are two things you need to know about nursing homes when making the decision to help your parent?

Answer:  Well, hopefully, you have spoken with your parents before now.  Be sure to consult with your siblings, pastor, and physician.  This is a very important decision. You need to be sure that you visit and talk with the staff.  Location of the facility very important for convenience of visitation.  Go on the website of your state department of nursing home care.  They have tons of information and can really help you.

Going To The White House?

Do you plan to visit the White House and discuss caregiving with President Trump?

Answer:  Well not in immediate plans this year.  After the dust settles in the White House, I believe that would be a great idea.  He would love to hear about the 46-48 million people who are caregivers in this country.  Thank you Jeff, great idea!


Question:  How do I organize my grandad’s medicine?

Answer:  Hey Janet, please watch my show on pharmacy under season two of this site.  Be sure to go talk with your pharmacist in person, or call the pharmacist on my show.  Whatever you do, be consistent and write down your medications.  Communicate with your physician regularly, okay Janet?  Thanks for your question.

Happy Birthday, Destiny!

Today I have been celebrating my daughter’s birthday!  She is 25-years-old today!  Happy birthday to my only daughter Destiny!  Mama loves you!

Pet Love Makes a Difference for Caregivers and Older Adults!

Hello Caregiving Doctor.  My mom is 88 years-old and owns a pet.  She loves her cat of 13 years.  I think it is time to get rid of her because pets are so much work.  What do you think?

Answer:  I think that as long as your parent can care for her pet, she should.  Pets become a part of the family! Especially for older adults, they are great companions.  You can always hire someone to help clean up and shop for her pet.  Pets also prevent a lot of loneliness and can add comfort to others.  Having something to love and care for probably keeps one sharp and engaged in life, as well as active.  Just be careful about walking safety and balance issues.


Get Your Affairs In Order…Now!

Caregiving Basics:  Educating family members on necessary important documents is critical for the caregiver. You may need legal advice if you are dealing with aging parents, because many can be quite secretive.  If you fail to protect your parent’s assets, it can haunt you later when you are making tough decisions.  Putting your affairs in order means more than document organization, it also means communicating with your aging parents and talking with them about how their want things handled. Do this respectively.  Parents can be kinda rough and controlling at times!

The Caregiving Doctor Show Season 2


Season 2 of The Caregiving Doctor Show launches April 9th on The CW21 WTTO an ABC 3340 at 5 A.M., Station of Sinclair Broadcasting.  I am so excited.  See the below flyer!  Enjoy!  Oh…don’t forget to watch!  See flyer above for show times.

Sneak Peak

The Caregiving Doctor will be launching Season 2 with great topics.  They include:

  1. Driving and Older Adults
  2. Farm Life with The Caregiving Doctor
  3. Pharmacy:  What You Need to Know
  4. Legal Documents:  You and Your Aging Parents!

Yes, we are excited.  This is great information, preparing a generation of aging adult children, grandchildren, and aging parents/families to live, prepare, and age in place.

Spring Break

Just like Spring Break, it’s time to have fun caregivers.  Use this time to think of ways to get away for respite, time to look at nature, and pure relaxation.  It doesn’t matter how long, just take a break!  Love you!

Thank You!

Caregiving around the world is a way of life.  This month, I want to say “ thank you” for those who care for others around the world!  It is a mission, a message of care, and a lifestyle of giving.  There is a true blessing in caring for someone else in a world that teaches us to focus on self.  God bless ya!

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