Stress Can Affect Memory


Memory loss.  It is feared.  As you age, your memories for long-term become more vivid.  We want to hold on to our brain.  My mother who has dementia can remember everything from years past.  

Research reveals that increased stress or overload processing of our brain can breed memory loss.  We are often trying to multi-task…if there is such a thing.  It’s called doing so much at one time, busy work, rushing and going from challenge to challenge.  I have days when I want to literally scream because everything and everybody is pulling on me.  Needless to say, it’s a part of caregiving, knowing when to stop, and when to say “no.”  

It is important for us to understand normal from abnormal memory loss, short-term, and immediate recall of things.  Too much stress can make our minds go blank.  I am not sure about the long term damages, but I would bet over time there would be some effect on brain health.  

Take care of your memory by decreasing your stress today!!!

It’s All About That Sleep!


Sleep. You must have it. At least 5 to 7 hours a night. You really need more. This is a time when your body rejuvenates, heals, and restores problem areas within.

If you don’t get your sleep as a caregiver, you could easy pass out, feel lightheaded, and experience unnecessary agitation. Sleep is important, but many caregivers are simply sleep deprived. We get up and down with our loved ones, we sleep lightly and are easily awaken with the least of noise.

Personally, I don’t sleep as sound as I used to since caring for mom. I can hear her when she goes to the bathroom, coughs, or talks in her sleep. I can tell a difference when I am rested or not! Sleep helps us all to function and go forward another day!

Get your sleep, please!


Clarissa 🙂

Resource Tip: You Need A Team!


As a family caregiver, you must think in terms of “teams.”  Since we are all so busy, you must have no less than 3 to five people you can count to help in time of need.  These persons may be trusted neighbors, relatives, friends, and even extended/blended family members. I believe that putting good seed in the ground will yield good results.

Make sure that these persons are legit in all areas.  You even need to do background checks on your family in many cases.  Either way, don’t do it all alone.  In my case, if I have to pay for service here, there or short-term, it’s worth the help.

Thankful For You & Happy Birthday to Me!


Forget the turkey, dressing, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pies, turnip greens, rolls, corn and more!  Well, not so fast Clarissa!  Happy Thanksgiving to all family caregivers across and around the world!  There would literally be no world without us, and we know it.  

Today is my birthday.  My mother Lois, who has dementia has relocated to be with my brother Clarence.  I just needed some rest, so that is my birthday present!  Please take time out to thank a caregiver today.  We can show them that we thank them by giving them respite!  Rest, relaxation, time off, and just “me” time.  Show love.  It’s more powerful than mere talk.

My New Book!!!



I had a chance to schedule local TV for caregiving month.  It was awesome. I appeared on ABC33/40 to discuss the release of my book Caution: Don’t Throw Away Your Aging Parents.  It is so exciting to talk about what I love.  If you want a copy for yourself, check out this website under the “Store” tab.  Every day is a real challenge when caring for others.  You have to just know that everything will be alright.  God will never leave or forsake you.

Love, Clarissa 🙂

It’s National Family Caregivers Month!


So you are a family caregiver? Join millions of us this month in appreciating those who selfishly give so much of themselves. Family caregivers know that there is a real blessing in taking care of those we love. Here are four tips for the month as we celebrate National Family Caregivers Month in November:

1. Go love yourself
2. Go plan your day before it begins
3. Be patient with yourself and others
4. Know that you are created to do just that, give the best care possible

Love ya,

Clarissa 🙂



Greetings everyone!  My show launch on October 2nd was a success!  I will be posting my shows to my “The Caregiving Doctor’s” YouTube site for your review.  My first show featured Captain Harrell, Fireman, and Public Information Officer.  Senior Fire Prevention and Safety was my topic.  Great information was provided to the public on how to prevent a fire in the home for caregivers and older adults.  I watched the show on The CW21, a Sinclair Broadcast Group Station, at 5 AM, Sunday morning with my elderly mom, who is 76-years-old.

Tomorrow morning at the 9:00 AM hour, I will be a guest on Talk of Alabama, an ABC 33/40 production that airs daily.  I will have an opportunity to talk about my show, when it airs, and the episode topics. I love my topic of caregiving!  Once you have found your calling and are passionate about what you do, there is no stopping you!  Have a great day and I will tell you about my second episode later this week!

Love, Clarissa 😉



Buckle Your Seat Belt!

Buckle Your Seatbelt!

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog!  I love sharing with you the rewards and challenges of taking care of an aging parent or loved one.  Although there are tons of information on caregiving, I will primarily share personal experiences and solutions that have been effective for me. As The Caregiving Doctor, I know that the more resources, support, and information you have, the better care you can provide.

I hold over 35 years now in family and professional caregiving, which means, I continue to learn every day.  I would love to hear from you as I continue to grow with you. It is my calling by God to help you, help yourself, and those you love.  Sharing of information is power, as I believe we are obligated to the very best for our aging parents and those.

I want you to follow me on facebook, watch my television episodes, and plan to be a guest soon!  Talk with you soon!


Clarissa 😉