New Episodes Coming Soon!


The Caregiving Doctor will be launching Season 2 with great topics.  They include:

  1. Driving and Older Adults
  2. Farm Life with The Caregiving Doctor
  3.  Pharmacy:  What You Need to Know
  4.  Legal Documents:  You and Your Aging Parents!

Yes, we are excited. This is great information, preparing a generation of aging adult children, grandchildren, and aging parents/families to live, prepare, and age in place.

Spring Break


Just like Spring Break, it’s time to have fun caregivers. Use this time to think of ways to get away for respite, time to look at nature, and pure relaxation. It doesn’t matter how long, just take a break! Love you!

World of Caregivers


Caregiving around the world is a way of life.  

This month, I want to say thank you for those who care for others around the world!  It is a mission, a message of care, and a lifestyle of giving.  There is a true blessing in caring for someone else in a world that teaches us to focus on self.  

God bless ya!

March is Colorectal Month


March is Colorectal Month!

Caregivers are so busy sometimes, we even forget to use the bathroom! Well, just speaking for myself.

I think that keeping our colon and regular bowel/bladder care is key to health. Caregivers sometimes hold their urine too long, while caring for others. We just neglect ourselves.

So, this month, be sure to go get your colonoscopy and necessary gastrointestinal tests, especially if there is a family history of colon cancer.

I love you, and I want you around, and I want to stay around too!

Do it today, do it now. Love yall!

Caregiving Kids Academy


Hello, everyone!

I hope and pray you’re having a great year so far.  Mine has already been quite challenging.  

Many of you all know that I own a child care facility: Caregiving Kids Academy.  It is very rewarding but very stressful as you care for families and their children.  There is a new generation of how parenting should go these days.  

As a caregiver of the elderly, disabled and children, you need to know that to care is to care.  Regardless of who you are caring for, you should be giving 100%.  

Pray for me as I live a life of daily challenges as I seek to make a difference affecting and shaping the lives of little ones!  

Keeping A Daily Journal


Caregivers need to keep a daily journal, especially if you are taking care of someone.  That journal should include the care aspect and the coping with life as a caregiver.  I would definitely keep a private journal.  

Be mindful to acknowledge what you really feel, because we know, you know, and caregivers know that some days are not always full of joy!  

There are challenging days ahead, in fact, you are probably struggling right now with an issue or two.  Caregivers are so often exhausted that we forget ourselves.  This must change.  I must change.  I must find time for healthy eating & exercise and love what I know about caregiving. So journaling helps me to do just that.

Just try it, it’s very therapeutic and who knows…it could become a book one day! Peace!

Love Has Everything To Do With Caregiving!


Don’t forget that February is American Heart Month, so take care of yourself!

Caregivers, for the most part, feel a calling to provide care.  Obviously, we have caregivers who may not do the right thing when they should. Every field has their share of people who violate, abuse and take advantage of others. So, this month, I want you to focus on doing things not just out of obligation, but because you love what you do and you really do care about those receive care from you.

Love really does make the Caregivers’ world go around!

When To Consider A Nursing Home


Caregivers, don’t forget about adapting your homes for fall prevention.  

Remember falling down with injuries is the number one reason for nursing home admission.  If you intend to age in place, you must be willing to help your parents or loved ones modify and adapt the home.  This can be done inexpensively.  

In addition, knowing when mom or dad can no longer live at home or be cared for at home is another discussion.  We have many other options today. Either way, we need nursing homes, in my case, my mom wants it to be the absolute last resort when I can no longer care for her.

Help Someone Today

This week, find someone to help.  Once you do that, find a place to go get a massage or a good foot rub.  

I love foot rubs.  There is nothing as soothing to me after a long days work.  My mother is 77-years-old and is suffering from dementia.  You must know that I am really tired these days.  God has carried me this week, with periods of needing more respite and relaxation.

Whatever your spiritual belief system, you need to find solace in knowing you are not alone.  We are here to support each other.  Love will find a way.  

Have a great week!