Wash Your Hands!

Although national handwashing week has passed, it is very important that handwashing takes priority in caregiving.

This is especially true if you are caring for anyone ill or who is suffering from a disease.  Handwashing not only protects you, it protects the person you are caring too.  We come in contact with so many germs unseen, it is amazing how our immune systems are able to fight them off.  In fact, it is probably a good thing we are unable to see them with the naked eye.  For most of us, we know that we should wash hands constantly, when entering a room, leaving a room, and procedures, cooking, handling briefs, and even proper coughing, when is not in the hands!  Handwashing keeps you from transmitting unnecessary illnesses to you and your family.  Caregivers, let take care of ourselves as we care for others.  Then and only then can we live a life of health, giving, and wellness to make a difference!

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