Stress Can Affect Memory


Memory loss.  It is feared.  As you age, your memories for long-term become more vivid.  We want to hold on to our brain.  My mother who has dementia can remember everything from years past.  

Research reveals that increased stress or overload processing of our brain can breed memory loss.  We are often trying to multi-task…if there is such a thing.  It’s called doing so much at one time, busy work, rushing and going from challenge to challenge.  I have days when I want to literally scream because everything and everybody is pulling on me.  Needless to say, it’s a part of caregiving, knowing when to stop, and when to say “no.”  

It is important for us to understand normal from abnormal memory loss, short-term, and immediate recall of things.  Too much stress can make our minds go blank.  I am not sure about the long term damages, but I would bet over time there would be some effect on brain health.  

Take care of your memory by decreasing your stress today!!!